​Rumax Bovibox


The high cost of supplemental forage, means producers need to get the most out of every leaf and blade. Supplemental protein increases the ability of rumen microbes to digest the fiber in lower quality forages. Rumax Bovibox is a great way to do this! By combining and the convenience and consistency of our Rumax liquid supplement with, flexibility and reliability of our Cattleman's Choice dry supplements we offer producers the best of both worlds. Rumax Bovibox delivers consistent intake of a high quality protein supply required to get the most out of low quality forages. In addition to having a high proportion of natural protein, Rumax Bovibox is a complete mineral supplement. It has a high level of organic copper and selenium, trace minerals which are highly deficient in much of the Northwest. Supplementing these mineral is especially important during periods of stress such as late gestation, weaning and calving. When the green is gone from your grass, Rumax  and Rumax Bovibox are the supplements to use for productive cattle and keeping green in your pocket.


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