TopPeak Dairy Supplements


TopPeak is an innovative line of supplements designed to meet the needs of each class of dairy livestock, including:

  • lactating cows
  • dry cows
  • replacement heifers
  • baby calves

TopPeak is a total herd nutritional program based on proven experience, successful results, and state-of-the-art formulations. TopPeak's unique supplements provide protein, minerals, vitamins and feed, which are uniformly suspended in a molasses carrier. This ingenious blend provides nutrients to the animal in a soluble form, or as very small suspended particles. As a result, the nutrients are more accessible, the rumen bacteria and host animal can more effectively use the nutrients, animal performance improves, and the impact on your nutrient management plan is lessened. Conveniently stored in vertical steel storage tanks, TopPeak enables rapid and accurate transfer into your feed mixer wagons using only an electrical pumping station and a spreader boom for application. Weighing of the supplement is accomplished by scales mounted on the mixer or calibrated metering devices. This process is significantly more convenient and accurate than using the scoop-and-dump method with a front-end loader. It also allows the use of an additional commodity bay or it can eliminate the original capital investment otherwise required. It also reduces waste and shrink by having the supplement contained in a tank and measured out precisely. TopPeak is a superior supplement because it allows each animal an equal opportunity to consume the ration in its totally balanced form. Unlike pelleted supplements, which are difficult to mix and hold in bulky rations, TopPeak is easily dispersed throughout a mixed feed and remains uniformly positioned as the cattle consume their total ration. TopPeak allows increased mixing efficiency and product uniformity of a high-shear liquid mixer. After initial mixing, we stabilize each TopPeak supplement with suspension agents similar to those used in ketchup or confectionery syrups, preventing ingredient separation common to loose meal supplements. Instead of smaller feed particles separating from courser ones whenever the supplement is moved, TopPeak is always perfectly mixed and ready for peak performance.


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