Rumax Supplements


Since 1987, Rumax has set the standard for cattle supplements with a guarantee to always meet or exceed its nutrient specifications. The nutrients in Rumax are provided to the animal in both a dissolved solution and in the form of a suspension of very small particles. Thanks to the superior suspension technology available only in PerforMix supplements the nutrients will not settle out over time. This ensures maximum availability and consistent nutrient supply to both the rumen bacteria and the animal. Rumax has application as a supplement in for balancing a total mixed ration or as a free choice standalone supplement for cattle grazing dormant forages.

Total Mixed Ration. Consistency in product and distribution of minerals and feed additives throughout the load is what sets Rumax apart. Rumax is custom-formulated to meet your specific needs and is available with a broad range of specific nutrients. The typical Rumax formulation includes:

  • a source of soluble protein
  • highly available sources of the macro minerals
  • a full complement of trace minerals from organic and inorganic sources
  • vitamins A-D-E, B-complex vitamins
  • a complete choice of feed additives such as Rumensin, Bovatec, MGA, Deccox, and Tylan

Pasture. A winning pasture supplementation program is built on increasing the digestibility of your base forage. As your animals are better able to digest the available forage, they experience a proportional increase in rumen turnover and forage intake. This process provides more protein, energy and essential nutrients to the animal, which in turn, improves the animal's body condition and enhances its ability to reproduce efficiently. Rumax contains a unique blend of nutrients that stimulate the rumen micro flora and supplement the animals' needs for maintenance and production, including:

  • sugar
  • soluble protein
  • sulfur
  • phosphorous
  • magnesium
  • trace minerals
  • vitamins

Rumax is easily fed using the Regulate Liquid Feed Delivery System, a conventional lick wheel feeder. These systems eliminate the waste associated with other pasture supplementation systems and significantly reduce the labor required to dispense supplemental nutrients to cattle on pasture.


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